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As treasurer you are actively engaged in analyzing the finances and advising the board on this. This advice is essential to keep SV MUSA running.

Application Deadline:

Monday, May 1, 2023, at 23:59


Anass Airad

Treasurer 22|23

"If you have any questions regarding the board or the position Treasurer, do not hesitate and send me a message to!"

What do you do?

As treasurer, you are responsible for the finances of sv MUSA. You are an important part of the organization. You are responsible for collecting the annual membership fees, keeping the financial records, finding sponsors, reporting the current state of affairs to the board and members, and of course paying the bills of MUSA.  You are always trying to find new ways to do your job with more quality and efficiency.

How do you do that?

Once a year you send out emails to the MUSA members that the membership dues will be collected. This way the members are aware of this and can ask any questions about it.  Also, once a week you will check the MUSA account and keep the financial records. If any bills need to be paid, you will be responsible for this. You are also working with other committees to set up a budget for an event or project they would like to accomplish.

What is in it for you?

A board year at an Islamic student organization will provide your personal experience. You will learn very much about how a board and an organization functions. You will learn how to work well in a larger team, work independently, and take initiative. A board year is increasingly becoming a criterion at larger companies. A board year can give you a leg up when applying for an internship, work-study, or full-time job. In the religious field, you will grow a lot whether you realize it or not. You will be surrounded by Muslims. To make sure that MUSA stays in its foundations, you will have to do more frequent research on a company to verify that a partnership is Islamic. This will stay with you inshaAllah all your life.

What do we ask?

 - You are a student at a university (of applied sciences) in Amsterdam

 - You are consistent, motivated and trustworthy

 - You are able to spend at least 8 hours a week on MUSA

 - You have affinity with numbers

 - Previous board experience is a plus, but not a requirement

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