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Who are we?

The development of recent years show that Dutch Muslim students tend to increasingly cling to their religious identity. Following this development, Muslim University Students of Amsterdam was formed in 2020

MUSA, short for Muslim University Students of Amsterdam, is the first student association recognized by the UvA with an Islamic foundation. Our purpose is creating an inclusive academic environment in which all (Muslim) students feel at home, while strengthening their religious identity and developing academically.

What do we do?

Firstly, we fulfill our purpose of 'strengthening their religious identity and developing academically' by organizing events that address the social, academic, religious, and professional aspects of our life. Some of the events we organized are a High Tea, Day trip Düsseldorf, Ottoman Empire Lecture, Maliki Course, Personal Branding Training and so forth...

Secondly, we fulfill our purpose of 'creating an inclusive academic environment in which all (Muslim) students feel at home' by sitting down with several parties (e.g. the Executive Board, Central Student Council, Faculty Student Council, Central Diversity Office & Faculty Services). With these parties, we are promoting the interests of Muslim in several aspects such as the availability of a prayer room (for the obligatory 5 daily prayers) and availability of halal food in the cantine.

What is in it for you?


Personal Growth

Opportunity to develop and strengthen your decision-making, communication, and problem-solving



Opportunity to connect with other students, councils, members, companies, and other oranizations



Gain a competitive advantage when starting your career or searching for internships


Positive Impact

Opportunity to have a positive lasting impact on current and future Muslim UvA students


Religious Growth

Being exposed to various situation and decisions makes gaining Islamic knowledge essential

Open Positions

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