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Commission Member Events

Deadline:  Thursday, 8th February, 23:59, 2024.

What do you do?

As Commission Member Events, you have the responsibility of helping in the organisation of fun and educational events for members and non-members. 

How do you do that?

You will be part of a team under the supervision of the events board member. Together you will brainstorm about what events should be organised based on the needs of the student association as a whole, members, non-member, new member, and more. You will also help in organising the event itself and during the event itself to ensure everything goes like plan.

What is in it for you?

First and foremost helping out in an Islamic organisation and organising Islamic events will earn you sadaqah. Be it Islamic lectures to bringing Muslim students together so they are able to bond.

More concretely a commission year at an Islamic student organisation will provide your personal experience. You will learn about how a commission and an organisation functions. You will learn how to work well in a larger team, work independently, and sometimes take initiative. A commission year also gives you the possibility to take the role of Events Board member in the future. 

What do we ask?

- You are a student at a university or HBO in Amsterdam.

-  You can work in a team and know how to get assigned tasks done.

- You are able to help out with 1 or 2 events each month that take roughly 4 hours.

-  You are able to attend commission meetings which are held twice a month and take 2 hours per meeting.

Deadline:  Thursday, 8th February, 23:59, 2024.

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