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Board Member Media & Marketing

Deadline:  Thursday, 8th February, 23:59, 2024.

What do you do?

As Board Member Media & Marketing, you have the responsibility of connecting the student association with the outside world, both online and offline. Your job is to keep members and followers informed about events and other important matters. In addition, you are often the first point of contact when it comes to promotions and campaigns. 

How do you do that?

You are in charge of a team of 8 people and make sure that events are promoted well on promotional channels such as Instagram, Email, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. You make sure that posters and promotional texts are made in on time. Next to this, you ensure the website is up and running and improve the website as much as possible. Another responsibility is the recruitment of new members through social media channels, which is especially important in the first couple of weeks of the academic year.

What is in it for you?

A board year at an Islamic student organization will provide your personal experience. You will learn very much about how a board and an organization functions. You will learn how to work well in a larger team, work independently, and take initiative. A board year is increasingly becoming a criterion at larger companies. A board year can give you a leg up when applying for an internship, work-study, or full-time job. In the religious field, you will grow a lot whether you realize it or not. Also, you will learn about the media & marketing field hands-on and gain experience, which is very useful if you are considering a career in that (or a related) field.

What do we ask?

 - You are a student at a university in Amsterdam

 - You are able to spend 10 hours a week on MUSAon a consistent basis.

 - You have an affinity with design, an eye for detail, and are creative.

- Able to lead a team of 6 people.

Deadline:  Thursday, 8th February, 23:59, 2024.

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